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Zak Ward

Zak is a lot of things: a father of four, a doting husband, and a professional musician for over 20 years. He’s also the lone salesman at Reverend Guitars – one of the fastest-growing guitar manufacturers in the world.

But before warming his seat at Reverend, Zak was an inventor/entrepreneur who filed patents for technology that didn’t exist before, but everybody ripped off later to some degree. 360 degrees, to be exact…

Zak aligns himself a Libertarian, secular humanist, and enjoys productive debate, satire, skepticism and promoting equality.

“And the harder I work, the luckier I get” – Ricky Gervais


Andrew Clark Simple Blasphemy
Andrew Clark

Andrew’s got three great kids, a fantastic wife, and a continually evolving perspective on how the world works because of those aforementioned people. He’s also the guy everyone calls when they have a technological question they’re too lazy to Google.

It’s fine – it makes him feel useful.

He also doesn’t like to align himself with any one belief – putting that nonsense down to a “Well, we’ll see about that…” sort of mentality.

If pressed, Andrew describes himself as a fairly liberal sort of dude, who thinks a “person” can be good, but people in general are generally pretty shitty.


Zack Green Simple Blasphemy Podcast
Zack Green

Zack Green, A.K.A. “The Cleaner” is the wildcard on the SB staff. Delightfully excitable, infinitely knowledgeable, and undoubtedly the two-part epoxy that holds everything together. He’s the wall we bounce off of, as well as the acid we dip those thoughts in at the end of the show.

Get him started on what he’s drinking, where he’s lived, or what sets him off, and you’ve just bought a ticket for a roller-coaster of emotion and curse words, strewn together, and powder-coated with personality.

“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs?” – Salvador Dali