Amanda ( Blunt Mommy )

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    Amanda (self proclaimed as “the Cajun Cunt”) is one of our favorite guests. So much so, she is a regular guest and her spot is called “It’s that time of the month”. This happens the first Tuesday of every month. And if we have to skip a month, well ya know.

    She is the reason most of us go on diets. So check her witty, skinny ass on Social Media for pictures and commentary.


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Episode 91: Things to do with your Ta-Tas and sex advice for your younger self with Amanda

Episode 83: Sucking the babypod out of the attackers gender neutral penis at the Camel Toe Strip Club It’s that time of the month

Episode 74: Halloween sex toys viewed on an electronic billboard while spotting a suspicious sparkle bulge

Episode 66: Woman G spot lurking around a pretty Vulva excites a Summer Penis at a vagina spa

Episode 63: Round table with Amanda, Zack, Andrew and Zak

Episode 61: TSA busted naked man with Taco Bell fart pills claiming he was kidnaped and anally probed w: blunt mommy

Episode 57: Blunt mommy dream man has a 9 day erection after looking at facebook nipples while lighting farts on fire

Episode 52: Blunt mommy invents STD Condoms because semen-eating anal worms killed her husband after watching porn

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