Chris “Peapod” Daher

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    Peapod has been on the radio waves since 2011. Chris is originally from Akron, Ohio where he attended the University of Toledo. His love and passion for music and entertainment led him to UT’s radio station WXUT and later to a BA in Communication in 2009, and then later started his career with Cumulus Media after receiving his degree.

    Peapod still can be heard on air on radio stations on Q105 and 94.5 XKR as well as his “On The Radar Podcast” which features music and interviews from artists coming to, through, and from the Northwest Ohio regions.


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Episode 71: First Live FB feed with Peapod and Death during sex with a teacher doll that ate questionable food

Episode 54: Aldi branded Nuts satisfies strippers that fix potholes penises

Episode 17: 81 year old topless peapod urinating on bad sex advice

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