Simple Blasphemy Intro Song

Opening Song: Lugosi Smile “Tidal Grind”

Ward was working on the intro song and also was listening to “Lugosi Smile” albums that was gifted to him by guitar wizard and composer,Lance. After coming across “tidal Grind”, Zak reached out to lance for his permission to use that song as our podcast intro. Lance consented. is a playground of sound files. Ward found the sonic ingredients needed to pull of our intro. After the song was laid out, it needed a narrator. Zak reached out to his good friend and part-time voice actor, Antonio. He has that deep “It’s to late now… This is Simple Blasphemy”. The into was ran buy everyone and approved.

At first the intro was over a minute long, but after some good advice on contemporary podcasting, the intro was cut down and a 10 second bit from the episode was inserted to tease what the listener was about to come across.

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