Tom Nardone

  • Info: Tom is a urban mowing, trash fishing, bullet stopping Detroit business man!
  • Founded Detroit Mower Gang & Trash Fishing and recently formed the 501c3 Enemies of Debris all with the goal of cleaning up Detroit.
  • Founded BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests (super affordable level IIIA bulletproof vest)
  • His main gig is PriveCo. He sells items that are embarrassing to buy in a store. (like adult toys and medical stuff, anything you are too embarassed to go buy). He owns and
  • He’s an extreme pumpkin carver – He runs the pumpkin smashing show at Detroit Zoo Boo every year and makes appearances on national tv.

  • Guest Social Media: Detroit mower Gang – Facebook



Episode 82: Tom Nardone founded Detroit Mower Gang, Bulletsafe Bulletproof Vests and Extreme pumpkin carving

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