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Guests that have been on the show.

  • Ryan Chernick

    Info: Ohio-based comedian Ryan Chernick delights every audience he meets with his quick-paced observations and infectious energy. A passionate performer and compelling storyteller, Ryan’s comedic style is grounded by personal […]

  • Nia Webb

    Info: Dj Ni Ni Info here   Guest Social Media: Facebook   Episodes: Episode 90:

  • John Montalbano

    Info: John has had an amazing musical career! New York session musician John Montalbano is our guest for this episode! We chat about his music career including playing bass on […]

  • Kelsey Rodriguez

    Info: Kelsey is a friend of Ward and they have shared the stage musically together. She has a wonderful sense of humor and insight.   Guest Social Media: Facebook Episodes: […]

  • Dan Adams

    Info: Dan is a high school friend of Ward. He moved to California and had a wild and crazy time. he ended up coming back to the Midwest to get […]

  • Tom Nardone

    Info: Tom is a urban mowing, trash fishing, bullet stopping Detroit business man! Founded Detroit Mower Gang & Trash Fishing and recently formed the 501c3 Enemies of Debris all with […]

  • Andy Patalan

    Info: “Andy is an American musician best known as the guitarist and backing vocalist for the alternative rock band Sponge.[1] He also is a founding member of Solid Frog and […]

  • Minnesota Joe

    Info: Minnesota Joe is our undercover friend. One day, he may surface and let is identity known.   Guest Social Media: NA Episodes:   Episode 50: Joe feels no Pain […]

  • Sorceress Bebe

    Info: Sorceress Bebe is an experienced Los Angeles based Professional Dominatrix who specializes in Findom (Financial Domination) and seductive psychological control. Sorceress engages in SSC & RACK compliant play, fetish […]

  • Mylar

    Info: Mylar has a podcast called “Oh what a glorious morning!”. He hails from the easternmost part of Canada. Check his podcast out!   Guest Social Media: Facebook Episodes:   […]

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