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  • Matt Truman

    Info: Matt is the front man from the band “The Matt Truman Ego Trip”. Ward often refers to him as “Meme Jesus” for all the reasons that popped in your […]

  • Tanner Wertz

    Info: The Ice Cream Militia guitarist. Heavy Stuff Podcast Co-host. Simple Blasphemy Content Finder. So you can rest medicine. As mentioned, Tanner helps us find articles for the show. He […]

  • Patrick McCarty

    Info: Pat started a video project called “Guy in the 419”. “What began as a personal daily blog, citing my day-to-day activities, slowly grew into videos that were promoting great […]

  • Brent Lowry

    Info: From the small midwest town of Pemberville Ohio, Brent Lowry has shared his music all over the country. With his deep country roots, he is on a mission to […]

  • Alice Vaughn

    Info: Vaughn is the (in)famous creator of Offensive Crayons, an adults-only box of crayons for the wildly artistic with a healthy sense of humor – with names like Boner Bill […]

  • Boris Pelekh

    Info: Boris is a Russian-born singer, composer, guitarist, most notable as the guitarist of the Gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello and Hey Guy. Andy and Ward met him from working […]

  • Josch

    Info: Josch was first to earn the name “Super fan”. He is Andy’s relative. Josch also helps find articles for the show from time to time. Hi Josch!   Guest […]

  • Chris “Peapod” Daher

    Info: Peapod has been on the radio waves since 2011. Chris is originally from Akron, Ohio where he attended the University of Toledo. His love and passion for music and […]

  • Tommy!

    Info: Tommy is one of Zak Ward’s best friends. Zak describes him as a fantastic storyteller and quite the funny guy. Tommy like to party!   Guest Social Media: Episodes: […]

  • Nate Woodward

    Info: Nate is a local musician in Toledo, Ohio. He’s a B3 organ and Piano player but more importantly for this episode, a Star Wars fan!   Guest Social Media: […]

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