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  • Amanda ( Blunt Mommy )

    Info: Amanda (self proclaimed as “the Cajun Cunt”) is one of our favorite guests. So much so, she is a regular guest and her spot is called “It’s that time […]

  • Steve Schiff

    Info: Steve Schiff is our very special guest. Steve has had a whimsical musical journey. Within this 40 minuets interview / podcast we covered what was happening during his time […]

  • Tanner Wertz

    Info: The Ice Cream Militia guitarist. Heavy Stuff Podcast Co-host. Simple Blasphemy Content Finder. So you can rest medicine. As mentioned, Tanner helps us find articles for the show. He […]

  • Terry Kohlenberg

    Info: We met Terry through Reverend Guitars. He is a Guitar player and a fitness freak. He listens to the show so we asked him to come on and the […]

  • Toby Lee Marshall

    Info: Toby Lee Marshall Hails from the Twin Cities area. He came from a musical family, playing piano for years until falling under the spell of the sound of the […]

  • Josch

    Info: Josch was first to earn the name “Super fan”. He is Andy’s relative. Josch also helps find articles for the show from time to time. Hi Josch!   Guest […]

  • Chris “Peapod” Daher

    Info: Peapod has been on the radio waves since 2011. Chris is originally from Akron, Ohio where he attended the University of Toledo. His love and passion for music and […]

  • Tommy!

    Info: Tommy is one of Zak Ward’s best friends. Zak describes him as a fantastic storyteller and quite the funny guy. Tommy like to party!   Guest Social Media: Episodes: […]

  • Jac Harrison

    Info: Jac Harrison, born Sean R. McCormick is a Grammy nominated American music producer, studio musician, song writer, and media personality that is best know for his syndicated radio program […]

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